National Lockers & Shelving. is a manufacturer of Superior Lockers | Florida, Georgia

National Lockers & Shelving. is a manufacturer of Superior Lockers, Florida, Georgia and beyond – setting the standard for lockers since the 1960’s. No matter if your looking for student lockers, athletic lockers, or specialty lockers, National Lockers & Shelving has you covered. Hollow-T, Welded, Knock-Down, Stainless Steel, Plastic or Wood, Superior lockers are the best choice for lockers no matter what your storage needs are. We have a huge selection of lockers for your office, school, home, warehouse, stadium,tennis club, restaurant, motel, malls, jails,learning center, or facility. Nearly unlimited options for lockers, find metal lockers, wood lockers and plastic lockers of all types and for all applications. Emergency Response Lockers, Sport and Athletic Lockers, School and Corridor Lockers, Corrosion Resistant Lockers – We have Lockers for the medical field, or lockers for material handling.

New and used lockers are in stock ready for immediate delivery or pick up.

Servicing the entire state of Florida, Georgia and beyond.

Metal Lockers

National Lockers & Shelving. manufactures high-quality Superior lockers. Superior Lockers by List Industries are fabricated from high-quality sheet-steel and Green guard certified – Children and Schools for air quality. Select a locker type below to browse information on our metal lockers. Various types of lockers are available and each is designed to solve a specific set of problems that our clients, engineers and sales team have identified over the years. Open-Front sport lockers are ideal for high school and college sport teams as well as professional sport teams including NFL football, Baseball, and Hockey. Ventilated lockers are generally used for gym lockers and we have a wide range of configurations for P.E. lockers and athletic team lockers that can solve most space issues. Corridor lockers are generally used for schools and student lockers. Various features, such as the door stiffener, louvred ventilation, and recessed handle are commonly included in corridor lockers. Our vast selection of production and stock lockers will insure that you get the features you need while saving you from purchasing lockers with features that you may not have interest in.

While most lockers may be found in schools, our lockers can be found in all types of facilities. Breakrooms, fitness centers, police stations, and military complexes are all filled with Superior lockers by List Industries. Our military customers enjoy the TA-50 locker for military gear storage while police and firemen use our extreme performance Taskforce XP gear locker. With literally hundreds of options and configurations, we know that you will get exactly what you need with Superior Lockers!

Before you buy lockers, be sure to browse our online locker catalog and learn about locker features that you desire in your facility. Chances are we have a locker perfect for you, and if we don’t, we can produce a new locker design that fits your specifications. Production Metal Lockers are listed with standard and commonly requested options, while In-Stock Metal Lockers are listed with standard features which are included in our quick ship program to ship within 5 days of order.

We are proud to be the VIOLANTA Distributor of North & South America!

Product Variety

National represents many different manufacturers so we are not limited to any specific products.

Fast Delivery

We always keep a large inventory of lockers in stock for quick delivery and competitive prices.

Used & Rental Options

Want to save some money? We offer used and rental lockers that can save you a whole lot of cash.



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