Health and Fitness Club Lockers For Sale NJ

Health and Fitness Club Lockers For Sale NJ New & Used lockers for sale or rent, we ship nationwide. Call for a free estimate.

Gym member storage lockers are rapidly changing with new technology. One of the biggest changes in Health & Fitness Club Storage Lockers is digital locks to provide convenience and security for gym members to store personal items. These modular storage lockers ship in ready to use and come in a wide variety of finishes including wood, laminate, steel, and even stainless steel depending on your requirements. Let us help you design and plan a more convenient way for gym members to store personal items using our line of Health & Fitness Club Storage Lockers.

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There is a time where stuff needs to be stored, your stuff, personal stuff, that stuff you are responsible for locking and securing. When it’s time for this stuff to be stored away and secured, a place needs to be provided, and lockers are the solution.

lockers with door are made of powder coat steel for long lasting durability and corrosion resistance. Units include lift handle and recessed hasp and accommodate combination or key locks for added security and theft protection. Includes perforated side locker panels for ventilation and odor control. Features full width coat rod and 4 hooks for added storage 

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