Tired of dealing with padlocks and lost keys?

Our electronic lockers allow access to the locker using non key methods such as numerical keypad, RFID card, bar code, or biometric access.

Innovative Solutions

Automatic storage cameras “National Lockers & Shelving” – it is always the best in software and technology solutions. Innovative luggage storage for more than 10 years perform various tasks depending on the logic of the program

The company National Lockers & Shelving has developed a large number of custom software solutions for customers in various fields. Based on the client’s tasks, we will offer a ready-made solution or adapt the existing one.

If you plan to develop the program yourself, then we can provide for developers API, SDK and Communication protocol.

Our solutions are suitable for vending machines, post-machines, places for charging gadgets, postal, subscriber and deposit cells.
Ability to connect additional functions:

hotels and campsites

parks & entertainment

sports clubs, water parks

infrared sensors in cells with a warning system

diode cell status busy / free

sms notifications

at train stations & airports

Shopping malls, supermarkets

Exhibition complexes

email notifications

windows polycarbonate

monitoring states

at enterprises, factories

residential complexes, business centers


mobile charging cables

modules to receive cash or bank cards

integration with ACS

Choose a ready-made solution or an individual development that will solve your problem.
We have installed storage rooms in more than 30 countries around the world.

Automatic luggage storage for railway stations and airports

Automatic lockers for changing rooms

Postamat manufacturing

Manufacture of automatic devices for charging mobile devices

Auto Cameras
bike storage

Electronic mailboxes for entrances and business centers

Production of electronic key keepers

Automatic luggage storage to account for the use of devices

Production of food dispensers

Automatic lockers for laundry

AKH on the beach

For beachgoers that are worried about the safety of personal belongings, can now enjoy peace of mind with the ability to mobile cameras installed.

Storage chambers designed for installation on the beach, not only look stylish, but also resistant to the adverse effects of weather phenomena, as well as anti-vandal protection.


Moisture-resistant bracelets

It is created by the user or automatically.
In the second case, the PIN is displayed on the check
or can be sent via sms.

The one-time bracelet is marked with a barcode or RFID tag, which is read by the device mounted in the cell.

  • The payback of the locker to 24 cells depends on traffic, but on average it takes up to 6 months
  • Multifunctional: out of season use luggage storage in other crowded places
  • Increase loyalty to the company, by ensuring the safety of personal belongings

Our electronic lockers allow access to the locker using non key methods such as numerical keypad, RFID card, bar code, or biometric access.AKH are irreplaceable if it is necessary to provide access control to the working equipment. You will be able to monitor cell usage, as well as control access, set usage limits. If necessary, you can customize notifications.

For production needs, you can order:

• Luggage storage
• Electronic lockers for changing rooms
• Automatic luggage storage for issuing devices, clothes, food

Luggage storage “National Lockers & Shelving”
can connect to the access control system (access control system) of the organization and provide control over the use of cells.
Administrator available report
who used the cells and at what time, as well as the administration mode.

We offer several types of cell access:

Your benefit:


Proximity cards

Key card with barcode

• Access control to public inventory
• Increased loyalty to the company, by ensuring the security of personal belongings


Automated luggage storage in shopping centers, supermarkets
and entertainment complexes provide a high level of security and testify to the high status of the trading network.
Access to the storage chamber is provided by check with an individual bar code. At the request of the luggage storage can be equipped with a bill acceptor or coin acceptor to pay for storage.


With ACH, personal belongings of visitors to swimming pools, water parks, baths and saunas, spa salons are safely protected. Access to the cells is provided through a comfortable moisture-proof bracelet with customers with RFID tags or a bar code.
The bracelet is securely fastened on the arm, without interfering with active rest,
and the risks of losing him are minimized.

Electronic mailboxes

Postal services are relevant, despite the global digitization. In order for the owners of apartments in your LCD
Were confident in the safety of their letters and receipts, it is recommended to install electronic mailboxes.
This will increase the level of comfort in your establishment.


Metal welded construction
Many sizes and layouts.

Call for details!

We offer several types of cell access:

By Pin-code

on the card or keychain with RFID tag

Your benefit:

Modern and reliable mailboxes increase interest in your LCD at potential buyers. And replacing old boxes with new ones increases the residents’ trust in the management company.

Additional features
The system can be equipped with a 7-inch display and is equipped with sensors and indicator lights that indicate the presence of new letters. Ability to install mailboxes that are connected modularly. It is also possible to develop custom solutions.

Your benefit:

Keys will not be lost and you will save not permanently replacing keys. Our storage chambers have a welded construction, which gives sufficient strength and reliability to the system. Users are more loyal to such a luggage room.

Your benefit:

Yield of ACH is extremely high, as visitors rarely spend more than 2 hours in the pool or water park. During the working day, one camera is used 5-6 times.
Increase loyalty to the company, by ensuring the safety of personal belongings

Train stations Airports

Modular ACH of the new generation STATION-LOCKER
adapted for large transport hubs.
They have anti-vandal characteristics and an additional security system: if necessary, you can connect video surveillance, alarms.Were confident in the safety of their letters and receipts, it is recommended to install electronic mailboxes.
This will increase the level of comfort in your establishment.

Cameras can be equipped with:



coin acceptor

bank card payment module


by apparatus to issue change

paid internet access

passport scanner

other options upon request

We offer several types of access to charging cameras:

By Pin-code

Key card with barcode

on the map with RFID tag

by printfingertips

Your benefit:

Electronic lockers are more trusted by customers than on keys, and a remote monitoring and control system ensures complete security of things.


Address delivery of goods for a certain time is almost impossible to plan. In order not to waste time
on waiting for the courier, customers can use Postomaty. It is a self-service terminal with parcel storage cells and an automated order issuing unit.

Advantages of postomat:

• safe storage
• convenient and easy service 24/7
• the program is customized for the client
• easy integration
• savings for courier companies
• parcel fence takes only a few minutes
• it is possible to return the order
• the possibility of receiving payment for goods in the postomata

Your benefit:

Optimization of logistics costs.
The parcel delivery service through postamats is rapidly gaining momentum. The e-commerce market is growing by an average of 30% annually and with the help of post-cards you can optimize the cost of the last mile. The user can receive the parcel at any convenient time .. Install post-machines, usually in crowded places.

Used & Rental Options

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