Warehouse Equipment

We are proud to be the VIOLANTA Distributor of North & South America!

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You can utilize your warehouse space more efficiently using our products.

Work benches

National Lockers & Shelving offers a wide variety of work benches for your assembly and production needs. The available tops include compressed wood, maple, steel, and plastic laminate and are available in a variety of sizes. There are also many accessories available such as drawers, shelves, and edge boards. Let us know what your requirements are and we will design a bench to meet your needs.


Storage cabinets

We offer a complete line of storage cabinets. The cabinets are lockable to protect your items. They are available in many sizes and styles. Tell us what your needs are and we will recommend a cabinet for you.


Wire mesh partition

When security is an issue and you need a portion of your warehouse secured, wire partition is a great solution. We can design a system to enclose your area be it wall to wall or free standing. A variety of gates and doorways are available as well as an optional roof. Just give us your dimensions and we will design a secure area for your products.



If you are not utilizing the height in your warehouse a mezzanine is a great solution. No one likes to pay for air. A mezzanine creates a second story where you can double your floor space and store more product or create an office with a view. If you feel you are not maximizing your cube call us in for a consultation and we will provide you with a solution.


In-plant offices

When office space is too costly, convert part of your warehouse into an office. With an in-plant office you can create very comfortable office space including windows, heat and air conditioning. Let us come in and design a space for your office needs.


Quality used lockers for rent or sale!

We also sell shelving, racks, and warehouse equipment, as well as installing our products.